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The intent of our school

Our school focuses on the promotion of friendship, tolerance, empathy and the development of each person as a unique individual. Cognitive skills and the students’ motivation are important to us.

Our focus is Language (English and German), Maths-IT, Sport and Science. Through the innovative use of IT and TPR activities we try to motivate our students to achieve their potential.

Our teachers are really innovative using project-based learning, TPR activities, also modern teaching methods to persuade our students to achieve better results.
We have 45-minute Sport lessons five times a week. Our sudents can play football, handball, do athletics or go swimming.
We provide more out-of-class activites for our students such as Art, English, German, Maths, IT school circles. Our students can learn foreign languge from the first grade as developing of their languge competence is one of the main aims in our curriculum.
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