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The intent of Woldschool

A school where every child can develop its talents.

At the Woldschool we offer a continuous learning and developing process, tuned to individual capabilities. With our education we want to achieve that every child can acquire knowledge and skills to be an independent, socially and critically thinking person in a diverse society worldwide.
Therefore we try to create an environment where children feel at home and get the space for their own evolution.
We are also committed to strengthen and improve our educational system. We attune our education to the life and perception and surroundings of the children.

After eight years of primary education at the Woldschool we endeavor to ensure that the children:
• have mastered the basic skills. They should be able, on their own level, to express themselves both verbally and in writing; they developed reading skills and can deal with quantities and numbers.
• have acquired the necessary knowledge at the various fields.
• are able to express in a creative way and deal with creative expressions of others.
• develop themselves as social being persons who can work together with other people, so that they can fully participate in the human traffic.
• are able to deal with their own emotions and the emotions of others.

We assume that children who master this will maintain in a constantly changing society.
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