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Poetry Day in Finland
This is one of our oldest poetry, which tells about a painter who paints a house using colours of blue and red, and when the evening comes he says: " Now I´m going out of this game"
World poetry day in CPR ADERAN I, Spain
Poetry Day, Agios Antonios Elementary School: 2nd Grade Students recitating “Thourios” on our National Day (25th of March) wearing traditional costumes. “Thourios” is one of the most famous poems of Rigas Feraios. A Greek writer, political thinker and revolutionary, active in the Modern Greek Enlightenment, remembered as a Greek national hero, a victim of the Balkan uprising against the Ottoman Empire and a pioneer of the Greek War of Independence
World Poetry Day group 1-2-3 Woldschool
World Poetry Day group 4-5 Woldschool
World Poetry Day group 6-7-8 Woldschool
The Wolrd Poetry Day in BELOVA school Hungary, Kecskemét.
A poem about March - the youngest on Stjærskolen 
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