Holland - Woldschool

Our school is located in a small village in the north part of the Netherlands, called Steenwijkerwold. It's situated between farms and meadows and nearby "de Weerribben", which is a nature reserve, and Giethoorn "the Venice of the north".
It's a small public school with 40 students at the age of 4 - 12 and the children are divided in eight groups.
There are five teachers and one headmaster.
Most of the children live in the village of Steenwijkerwold or in villages nearby.
Each teacher has several groups.
The youngest children learn skills that prepare them for reading and math.
At he age of six they are starting to learn reading, writing and math.
They also start with learning English and IT skills in the first group and they develop these skills troughout eight years. Every school year this knowledge is extended.
When they're going to group five they also get lessons in biology, history and geography. All the children get art and music lessons and physical education.
Hothinge Campweg 1
8341 PJ Steenwijkerwold
email; directie@dewoldschool.nl
Classes; 3
Pupils; 40
Teachers; 5
Principal; Daniël Jansma
europeanchildren2020  | europeanchildren2020@gmail.com