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Aiming points for education at Stjærskolen

Visible learning:
We all work with the concept "visible learning", which briefly describes a way to demonstrate to students what they exactly learn and
how they learn it. In each lesson we make it visible to everybody "What are we going learn", and "how are we going to learn it".
The learning visibility helps students and teachers, to evaluate the work from the simple question: "Did I learn and understand what I
was working with?"
We value teachers teamwork very high. Teacher Cooperation covers all educational and teaching matters. Parental contact is also
mostly handled by the team of the class.
With the new project we hope to get more insight with how teachers work together in other countries. With that experience we will
try to do better in our daily work.
Creative subjects - like music, arts, cooking, woodwork:
In a time, were the interest of individual possibilities dominates, we think that we all must do whatever it takes to ensure community
amongst people with various social and intellectually starting points.
We think creative subjects are important subjects for the social community amongst pupils on the school.
Particular pupils with some academic problems in reading, calculate etc., may have advantage in the more creative subjects.
A creative subject gives the pupils opportunity to express themselves in a different level, and perhaps give personal victories, and
self-confidence in a non/less academic environment.
Language and a global view:
It is also very important to know how people live in other countries. “To travel is to learn”, as a Danish author once wrote. Through
working with various European schools the children experiences, that there are differences, but also a lot of similarity amongst the
children in other countries. That experience is important to learn in a growing global world. Europe is right now a melting pot of
cultural, religious, financial and political challenges, and it is clear, that we Europeans must do an effort to cooperate, to ensure a
peaceful and developing Europe.
We will like to give our pupils more opportunity to communicate in English with pupils from foreign countries. In that way their
English language will be much better than it is today.
The teachers from Stjaerskolen that will participate in this new project, has participated before in the Comenius project: “The
European Ark”. Therefore we have a good experience of working with partners from other countries with various topics.
We have participated in a Comenius project before.
In 1995-1998 - Nr. 96-31091-037
In 1998-2001 - Nr. 98-31090-024
In 2004-2005 - Nr. pa4-1-132-2
In 2005-2006 - Nr. pa5-205-3
In 2012-2014 – 2012-1-ES1-COM06-52133-3
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